Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sarth +1 drake and New arenas

I must say Sarth plus 1 drake is one of the toughest and most fun things in the game for me right now. While frustrating at times, I am glad to see something that is giving us a challenge.

I personally cannot decide what drake I would prefer up. The one with the adds has the less trouble... we just have to get the drake down before he spawns a second set of adds. One set and we can keep the OT up... two sets and we wipe. With the drake that has the portal keeper... the damage is insane, it gets very clumped up with flame walls, red circles, adds and two large dragons breathing bad things.

Yet I find more enjoyment wiping on this encounter than I do from one shotting Malygos or something like that. This reminds me of the days when my guild used to work on 40 man Ragnoros. That took over 40 wipes to learn thta encounter.

On to arenas.

The new arena system seems a little funny, but I am not completely against it yet. It seems you can lose less or more points than you win. This hidden rating takes into account your skill, gear, and old rankings. While this has a great potential it will take a while to iron everyone out.

My games with Ellevis have been overall improving, although we have issues with rogues/healer teams. Poisions tend to be the bane of our existance. We even seem to have mage/rogue teams figured out... at least the bad ones. I think we will get our rating up to some deadly gear (set gear) in a week or so depending on how much time we have to give it.

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